Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Reiki Level II, Jan 18, 11-5pm with Peter Rosolen, Teaching Master

Reiki Level II
Jan 18, 11-5pm, $125 Includes manual
Pre-register via lindseysass@gmail.com
Peter Rosolen, Teaching Master

About Peter
Third Degree Traditional Reiki Master, 
Usui Reiki Teaching Master in White Light Usui Reiki 
15 Years Experience

Learn about 
What a healing Crisis is
Absentee, Mental, and Emotional power symbols 
Give an absentee treatment 
Hand positions for specific purposes
Receive the Reiki Second Degree Attunement 
All students are required to bring the name and birth date of a person
To receive the absentee treatment. Please ask for permission for the Reiki.

Certification upon completion, includes manual   

 Peter's Certifications:
Integrated Energy Therapy 
The objective is to provide a simple and gentle way to release energy blockages and open the flow of natal life force not only within the human body also throughout the human energy field. IET safely and gently releasing limiting energy patterns of your past and  works on the Physical Emotional Mental Karmic DNA. 
Universal Rays Healing  

The Universal Ray consciousness allows you to resolve the old limitations of separation and resistance that you create and assists you to move into a place of harmony and love. 

This powerful healing energy also affects the cellular and molecular consciousness of your physical body and your energy bodies to assist all energy that you hold within you to come into alignment with its true mission on the Earth without distortion or illusion.  Your souls mission this time on earth. Over soul by The Universal Rays of Creation.  

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