Monday, August 25, 2014

CANCELLED Healing Chod November 29, 7pm

Venerable Ontul Rinpoche 
Tibetan Mystical Yogi
Healing Chöd
Saturday, November 29 at
We are blessed to host D. Ontul Rinpoche, an accomplished lama 
(Tibetan spiritual master) and holder of secret yogi lineages.  He will be 
visiting us from His temple in the Himalayan Mountains he has agreed 
to bestow profound blessings for us in New Jersey.  

This Healing Chod ceremony is designed to lift away spiritual oppression and lessen the sources of suffering and disease. 
The participants just show up with a pillow and blanket and take a nap while Rinpoche sings the powerful ritual. 
      Chöd is a practice that combines Buddhist meditation with ancient shamanic elements into a powerful practice to help all who attend.The word "Chöd" means to cut through, or "chop," and what is chopped off is ultimately the Ego. Thereby our pure awareness is set free to perceive reality, and the whole world becomes potent as a place of blessing power as both the path and goal is to cut away the shackles of our fixations, egocentricity and dualistic grasping. Its twin pillars are the development of unceasing generosity and compassion, and an understanding of the true nature of the selfless, unborn fabric of reality, from which we and all phenomena arise.  Sacred instruments mainly the damaru and kangling music and mantras are used. As a spiritual practice, it is rightly famed for its ability to transform beings and awaken them to their true enlightened potential.  Chod continues to be a living tradition, with unbroken transmission of its methods and infallible results, stretching from ancient times to today's modern masters. Chod is a well traveled, though steep road to full enlightenment, as well as a powerful vehicle for helping others. 

   Chöd practice has a special appeal for women. Besides having been created by the Tibetan lady saint Machig Labdrön herself, women have been spiritual leaders in the Chöd tradition down through history. 
The Tibetan spiritual teacher and yogi Ontul Rinpoche is widely recognized as a master of this ancient healing practice, which is made available to those fortunate enough to attend this rare event.

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